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LV-8A Power Distribution Module

Many of the Prewired LVPC Power Cabinet Assemblies use the LP3 or LP5 as Power Supplies for readers, locks, cameras, etc. Click here to
Search our Prewire Database.

Most BASE Modules and Power Supplies come with 1/4" nylon mounting standoffs. This hardware is economical, installs fast in the field, and allows a pc board to be easily removed with no messy residues.
• regulated 12 or 24VDC single switch selectable

• selectable fault supervision with contact output

• charges lead acid or gel batteries - includes cable kit

• uninterrupted power on switch over to/from battery

• status LEDs for
AC Input, DC Output and Fault

• separately fused AC Input and battery circuit

• thermal overload and short circuit protection

• 5.1" x 7.0" x 1.5"

• cabinet model available soon!

Selectable Power Supervision
and associated Output Relay
(Supv on/off, DC Power, AC Power, Battery)
(UL Listing pending approval)
13.8 VDC, 2.5A
20 AH
XF16144 120VAC, 1.25A 16VAC, 9.0A
27.6 VDC, 2.5A
20 AH
XF29218 120VAC, 2.50A 29VAC, 7.5A
13.8 VDC, 4.0A
38 AH
XF16144 120VAC, 1.25A 16VAC, 9.0A
27.6 VDC, 4.0A
38 AH
XF29218 120VAC, 2.50A 29VAC, 7.5A

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