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All BASE products that feature a Fire Interface Relay (2-pole) have terminals for the second set of contacts (Aux) that can be used for alarm monitoring of the Disconnect feature or for 'daisy-chaining' the fire interface to the next module.

At the Aux terminals, a spare terminal is provided (ST) for terminating one side of an end-of-line resistor if needed.

The LV-8S distributes power to 8 door locks directly controlled by an Access Control System (without isolation relays). A socket and terminals are provided for an optional Disconnect relay that can drop power to fail-safe locks when interfaced to a fire or life safety system.

• Distributes Power through 8 Fused Outputs

• Fail Safe or Fail Secure selectable per output

• 8 Inputs for Access Controller Interface

• Emergency Fail-Safe Power Disconnect

• Disconnect Relay Red LED Indicator

• Fire Interface Alarm Monitor Aux Contacts

• Uses Standard 3AG Fuses (1/4 x 1-1/4)

• 3.75" x 8.00" x 2.50" installed height

• Includes mounting standoffs and manual

Stocked Accessories:
3AG Fuses - various current ratings in stock.
RH Series Relays - 12/24 vdc in stock.

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