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for LV-2RS-2A
Board FootprintData SheetProduct ManualCad Drawing
for LV-2RSN-2A
Board FootprintData SheetProduct ManualCad Drawing

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Selectable and Reconfigurable

Each relay output has a removable jumper that is easily positioned to select the outputs' operation;
DRY=Dry Contact

When the DRY position is chosen, the installed jumper blocks the installation of a fuse, thereby preventing the output terminals from being powered.

The LV-2RS-2A provides 2 isolation relay outputs with 2 Aux continuous power outputs on one board. The latest in the Selectable Series of access controllers, the module combines the full features of the LV-8RS for lock control at 2 doors with the economy of the LV-8A for aux power of 2 other fused outputs, ideal for smaller access control installations.

• Distributes 2 Outputs through Isolation Relays for Lock Control

• Each Output separately configurable for
• Fused Fail Safe Operation
• Fused Fail Secure Operation
• Dry Contacts, non-powered

• Distributes 2 additional Aux power outputs

• Positive (source) or Negative (sink) relay control

Power Disconnect with Aux Contacts

• Red LED Indicators at all relay positions

• Complete Manual and Wiring Diagrams

• 5.00" x 4.00" x 2.50" installed height

• Includes mounting standoffs

Stocked Accessories:
3AG Fuses - various current ratings in stock.
RH Series Relays - 12 and 24VDC in stock.

Order relays separately depending on desired voltage, 12 or 24VDC. Order fuses separately depending on desired current rating.

Selectable Series
(UL Listing pending approval)
FAQ: Which Model is right for my application?
How will you control the module relays? LV-2RS LV-2RSN
Access Controller with Dry Contacts
Access Controller with + voltage output (source)
Access Controller with open collector output (sink)
Pushbuttons (switch with dry contacts)
Keypad (switch with dry contacts)
The Product Manual explains all features simply and completely. Wiring and schematic diagrams are also included there. Download the PDFs at left.

Use from 1 to 3 Power Sources
• 12 or 24vdc Relay control
• Relay Outputs to 30VAC/DC
• Aux Ouputs to 30VAC/DC

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