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All BASE transformers include 18-inch wire leads. All wire ends are adequately stripped AND tinned.

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Most BASE Modules and Power Supplies include 1/4" nylon mounting standoffs. This hardware is economical, installs fast in the field, and allows a pc board to be easily removed with no messy residues.
BASE General Purpose Step-Down Power Transformers

Transformers share the following features;

• Power Input: 120VAC, 50-60 Hz
• Insulated wiring - no exposed transformer terminals
• 18" stripped / tinned wire leads
• Integral feet for horizontal mounting
• Some models with dual feet for horizontal or vertical mounting

• Built-in thermal fuse

For LP3 or LP5 Power Supplies;
• for 12VDC Output - use XF16144
• for 24VDC Output - use XF29218

For XP5 Power Supplies;
• for 12 or 24VDC Output - use XF29218

For XP10 Power Supplies;
• for 12VDC Output - use XF29218
• for 24VDC Output - use XF28300

For 24VAC Power Distribution (Cameras, heaters, locks, etc);
• use XF25250
• for 24VDC Output - use XF29218

All transformer models are UL recognized.
BASE DC Power Supplies

models share the following features;

• 12VDC or 24VDC output - single switch selectable
• Selectable Power Monitor Alarm with relay dry contact output
• Charges lead acid gel cell batteries
• AC, DC, Fault Status LEDs
• Protected for Overcurrent, Thermal Overload, and Short conditions
• Fused AC input and Battery circuit
• Includes Mounting Hardware and Battery Cable Kit

Linear Power Supplies
LP3 - 3.0 Amp Output
LP5 - 5.0 Amp Output

Switchmode Power Supplies (New !)
XP5 - 5.0 Amp Output
XP10 - 10.0 Amp Output


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