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Mount and Wire the RM4 in Seconds !

The RM-TIM2 module highly simplifies and minimizes the field installation of the C-Cure RM4 Personality Module. Includes all mounting hardware to 'piggyback' your RM4, prewired flex jumpers and connectors, dip-selectable single or dual 1K end-of-line resistors, depluggable/replaceable output relays, and LED Status indicators.

Revised for use with the newer RM4 (rev 2006) or older RM4

New Features
RM4 Output Option Jumpers
Local Relay Control Terminals
- Smaller Footprint - Lower Profile
LED Indicators for;
Green: 12VDC On
Red: Output relay 1
Red: Output relay 2
Depluggable Terminals for;
• 2 supervised inputs
dip switch selectable EOLRs
• 2 selectable relay outputs
powered or dry contacts
• various readers/keypads
• aux reader power in/out
• alternate output power source
• local relay control
• external tamper switch

Selectable Cable Shield Continuity
Model RM-TIM2-B
Model RM-TIM2-2B
Depluggable / Replaceable Relay
and Output Select Jumper
Ordering Information . . .
Model Description
RM-TIM2 Includes (1) RM-TIM2 Module, (4) 4-40 x 1/4 mounting screws for the RM4 and (6) snap-in nylon standoffs for installation into a user-supplied enclosure.
RM-TIM2-B This model adds our UL Listed EB-12x08x04 Econo•Box. The RM-TIM2 is pre-mounted on the removable inner panel assembly. The box includes knockouts, hinged cover with keylock and heavy duty tamper switch.
RM-TIM2-BXL Includes all the features of the RM-TIM2-B above but uses our larger UL Listed EB-12x12x04 Econo•Box.
RM-TIM2-2B For double reader doors or 2 adjacent doors, this model includes (2) RM-TIM2 modules mounted on one panel assembly inside our UL Listed EB-16x12x04 Econo•Box.
RM-TIM2-PBC (1) RM-TIM2 unit mounted to a 12 x 12 pullbox cover plate. The light grey painted steel cover plate fits Hoffman and other 12 x 12 pullboxes and includes (4) heavy duty cable tie clips.
Installs fast, improves system reliability, and makes card reader maintenance easier while providing a custom, professional installation !
The RM-TIM2 supercedes the older BASE RM-TIM.
Click this link to download the older RM-TIM Product Manual.

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