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Sturdy, compact and maintenance free modules. No wire lead splices to insulate or break off! No tiny
components to misplace! Saves time and money and makes your installations more professional.

200796 Dual End-Of-Line Resistor Terminators
For resistor end-of-line supervision of Security or Data Lines. Can be used for either single or dual resistor applications.
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Model Description
200796-1K Dual End-Of Line Terminator Module with (2) 1,000 ohm resistors
200796-10K Dual End-Of Line Terminator Module with (2) 10,000 ohm resistors
Standard in-stock models shown. Call for information about models with other custom resistor values.

200796-GD ESD Diode Terminators
For ESD Protection at DC electric locks or relay coils. Helps suppress momentary reverse EMF spike that may occur on associated circuitry when magnetic field collapses as device de-energizes.
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Model Description
200796-GD ESD Diode Terminator Module with (1) S1D Diode (1N4004)

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