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Power Distribution Modules
PDM-001 LV-8RCL-N can be used with Casi-Rusco controllers to provide heavy-duty output contacts.
PDM-002 LV-8R discontinued - superceded by the LV-8RC/RCL
PDM-003 LV-8RC and LV-8RC-N not being stocked - but can still be produced.
PDM-004 Idec Relays and current draw on access controller outputs.
PDM-005 Casi-Rusco open collector outputs and the LV-8RS-N.
LVPC Power Cabinets
LVPC-001 Lift-Off Doors now a standard feature.
LVPC-002 Custom Colors available.
LVPC Prewired Assemblies
PA-001 Basics of the flexible design concept and application notes.
PA-002 A variety of prewired cabinets now available for housing the Casi-Rusco Micro5.
End-Of-Line Terminators
EOLT-001 Torque problems on screw-terminal models.

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PDM-001 10/97 CASI-RUSCO Open Collector Outputs

We have had some requests for a compatible product from customers that are using CASI-RUSCO Access Controllers with open collector outputs (called sinking or sink outputs). These outputs require an external relay for lock control, making the LV-8RCL an ideal candidate for the job. However, to control a relay on this module, the output relay DC+ is switched at the input terminals (called sourcing) making it incompatible with the RUSCO unit. So we are now producing a variation of this module called the LV-8RCL-N. On this model, the output relay DC- is switched at the input terminals.

Although a common practice for control of low voltage circuits in the Process Control Industry, many Security System engineers do not like the practice of switching the negative lead of a relay. However, circuit integrity can be guaranteed regardless of whether the positive or negative lead is being switched. This is accomplished quite easily by incorporating an isolation diode in series with either the positive or negative relay lead. All BASE relay products incorporate isolation diodes.

A schematic for the LV-8RCL-N is provided in the Product Manual downloadable from this website.

Caution must be observed in relay selection as the CASI-RUSCO open collector outputs are rated at only 40 mA. Idec RH1B-U-DC24V relays will work while the 12V model may draw too much current. The user should check with CASI-RUSCO to verify if there is a safety margin in their 40 mA rating spec.


PDM-002 2/97 LV-8R Module Discontinued

The LV-8R was our first Power Distribution Module with isolation relays. We have recently started production of the LV-8RC/RCL modules which will supercede the LV-8R. The new versions feature 4x4 and 8D option jumpers for better selectivity of the output power disconnect, LEDs available for monitoring of energized relays, and have a smaller footprint. Other than the size reduction, the new versions are directly interchangeable with the older LV-8R.


PDM-003 2/98 Non-LED Models Discontinued

With the popularity of the LV-8RCL and LV-8RCL-N increasing substantially in the past year, we have elected to halt production of the non-LED versions - part numbers LV-8RC and LV-8RC-N. The 'L' models have LEDs that allow easy visual monitoring of energized relays. The difference in price is only a dollar or two. We will produce these versions for any customer that insists as a Special Order, that is, with a minimum order quantity on a non-returnable basis.


PDM-004 10/96 Relay Coil Current Draw

Some users are reporting applications of the LV-8RC/LV-8RCL with access control equipment that only allows minimal current draws at their outputs (less than 50ma). The Idec RH series relays may draw more current than this equipment allows, depending on relay type and voltage. We recently investigated the Idec RHN series (1-pole with sensitive coil, low current draw) and found that the factory has discontinued them, but they have about 7000 in stock (24VDC only). These relays are available through BASE Electronics, same pricing as the RH series. Other sources are being researched.


PDM-005 1/2002 CASI-RUSCO Open Collector Outputs and the LV-8RS-N

The same information for the LV-8RCL-N as shown in article PDM-001 above applies for the LV-8RS-N.


LVPC-001 3/97 Lift-Off Doors a Standard Feature

We are now including lift-off type hinge sets on all LVPC enclosures as a standard feature. This feature allows the enclosure door to be removed when in the open position. When installation of items in the enclosure is complete, the door can be re-installed and closed. Security is maintained because the door only comes off in the open position.


LVPC-002 4/99 Custom Enclosure Colors Available

We can now offer various custom paint colors for all LVPC models. Please call for pricing and lead time and to see if the color you would like is available. At this time, this offer is made as a Special Order, that is, with a minimum order quantity on a non-returnable basis.


PA-001 4/99 Basics of the Prewired Power Cabinet Concept and Application Notes

With the introduction of our LVPC line of Power Cabinets, we set out to capture some business in the area of Prewired Assemblies for the power distribution needs of larger security and access control projects. Due to our background in managing system installations, we knew prewiring was a great way to save a bundle on project labor and material costs. And apparently, so do our customers, because now 90% of our LVPC sales are Prewired units!

For those of you not yet familiar with this concept....

Choosing from our line of products built specifically for security, access control and CCTV systems that already save time and money, we found that we could combine these products and various off-the-shelf power supplies, etc in almost unlimited combinations inside our first-class enclosures, the LVPC cabinets. This flexibility led us to offer our Prewiring Service - adding various output wiring, tamper wiring, ground straps, battery cables, hardware kits, etc. Quickly, this concept proved to be the ultimate in obtaining a professional installation, the elimination of tedious on-site custom wiring, and in reducing project costs and time-to-completion. Many customers found that they could now Standardize on their Power Cabinet design without having to constantly re-train installers on the job or in the back shop.

How many times have the following words and phrases been a part of your power cabinet installations? Soldering. Left it in the truck. Battery cables too short. Need a drill to mount this. Now I need some screws....

We help you design what configuration of components is right for your project and then you order one part number - thats it! We provide all mounting hardware, documentation, wiring, instructions, and warranty. When you need the same item again - just order the same part number.


PA-002 3/98 Prewired Cabinets and the Casi-Rusco Micro5.

Many customers have reported that the Casi-Rusco Micro5 card cage is provided in a pretty user-unfriendly enclosure. To answer this call, we have developed a few Prewired Assemblies that include mounting space and hardware for not only the Micro5 card cage, but various combinations of Distribution Modules, Power Supplies, Transformers, grounding bars, etc. Space is too limited on the net to show pictures of all these assemblies, so call to obtain a quick fax copy and/or pricing. Other configurations are certainly possible.

LVPC-200882 = 26x20 enclosure, space for M5, 12V & 24V Xfmr, AlarmSaf PS5 (2), LV-8, LV-8A, gnd bar

LVPC-200883 = 32x24 enclosure, space for M5, 12V & 24V Xfmr, AlarmSaf PS5 (2), LV-8, LV-8A, gnd bar

LVPC-200942 = 32x24 enclosure, space for M5, 12V & 24V Xfmr, AlarmSaf PS5, Altronix SMP10, LV8RCL-N (2), gnd bar

LVPC-200967 = 32x24 enclosure, space for M5, 12V & 24V Xfmr, AlarmSaf PS5 (2), LV8RCL-N, gnd bar

EOLT-001 1/03 Torque problems on screw-terminal models - 200796 Dual End-of-Line Terminator.

We have had a few early reports (way back in the 1900's) that some installers could overtighten and break/strip the screws on the terminator. We would like to advise installers to rely more on technique than on muscle power when tightening these or any small screws on terminal strips. Match the screw driver to the screw and be delicate - this is no place for torque wrenches. This product is designed to be small and fast. There are faster terminals, such as screw-less latch terminals, however they are very pricey.

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